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Storm Tree Damage

Storm damage is one of the most heartbreaking situations we ever face like a tree company. Fallen limbs, branches, and uprooted trees can cause too much damage and danger to the surrounding areas. Storm damage puts any homeowner in an emergency.

For this reason, Brees Tree Service Lafayette make ourselves available to come to your aid when you are faced in this difficult situation. We are prompt, and we will handle the situation effectively and efficiently to eliminate any storm debris in your property. We will clean your yard and make it look as if a storm never hit it. We go the extra mile in restoring the beauty and safety of your landscape. We know that any homeowner will be in a difficult situation when a storm damages their trees. Their usual routine can be disrupted until cleanliness and safety are restored. The service of a tree company is one of the first things that a homeowner needs, and we are proud to say that we arrive before other service providers do. If a large limb or branch blocks the way, it will be a challenge for other utility services to come to your area. It is our job to pave the way for them so that everything can go back to normal in no time. We will be the first one to respond to your emergency needs.

These emergencies can be avoided if you will let us inspect your trees and check for any damage that can be hazardous when a storm hits. Often, limbs that are over-hanging your roof can be a potential danger, and we can trim it before it gets you in trouble.

Emergency Storm Tree Damage Response

If you are affected by tree storm damage, don’t delay calling us and we will employ our particular emergency storm protocol:

  • One of our representatives will promptly come to your property to assess the scale damage and clean-up effort.
  • We will offer you an onsite written estimate and pricing for the job. Once you accept the deal, we will immediately mobilize our storm response team and bring the proper equipment required for the position.
  • We will identify hazardous situations and inform third-party services to attend to these needs.
  • When we are sure of the safety of the area, we will begin the work immediately and remove storm debris from your property. We will eliminate large wood and chip small branches and debris.
  • We will go on with the process until we have restored the cleanliness and beauty in your property.

    Don’t let just anybody handle your emergency because storm damage can be dangerous. Trust only the company that is licensed, insured, and bonded to ensure safety and protection on your part. We specialize in this area of tree service, and we want our clients to feel confident that a professional and expert company will handle their emergency.

    When you are faced in this situation, you can depend on us to help you clean your property and restore the beauty and safety in your home.  

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