Purdue University is the primary campus of the Purdue University system and a public research university located in West Lafayette, Indiana. The university was established after John Purdue gave his land and wealth to build a science and technology and agriculture college under his name. The university was finally established in 1869 and had its first classes in September 1874 with 39 students.

Purdue University offers more than 200 undergraduate majors and more than 60 graduate programs, as well as professional degrees in veterinary medicine and pharmacy. Purdue University is part of the Big Ten Conference and has a record of the fourth largest foreign student population in the entire country.

The university lies in the unassuming city of West Lafayette, near the Wabash River. You can find the academic halls on the eastern and southern areas of the campus, while the fields are situated to the west, as well as the residential buildings. Students, faculty, and staff can hop on for free in the Greater Lafayette Public Transportation Corporation bus, upon presentation of their Purdue ID.

The Purdue Mall was initially established to join Ross-Ade Stadium with the academic buildings. Most students also call it the Engineering Mall because it is near several engineering halls. The mall is known for its 38-foot Engineering Fountain as well as the Frederick L. Hovde Hall of Administration, which is the location of the university president’s office. You can also find the Purdue Bell Tower in the area. The Bell Tower is found on many Purdue logos and has become the icon of the university.

In the southwest of the Stadium Mall, you can find the largest proscenium theaters on earth—the Edward C. Elliot Hall of Music. Students, school staff, and the public enjoy performances by famous entertainers in the hall. The Armory Building, which is at the west of the Elliot Hall of Music, was rebuilt in 1918 after it was engulfed by fire.

The Purdue Memorial Mall is a popular hub for students and often make it as a venue for meetings and group gatherings. The south campus is Purdue’s area for fine arts, agriculture, and veterinary buildings. It also houses the Krannert School of Management and the Purdue Airport. The Krannert School of Management is renowned worldwide for its extensive undergraduate and graduate programs. It features state-of-the-art facilities for business programs on campus. In 2006, the Rawls Hall was founded with Jerry S. Rawls’ $10 million donations.

In 2107, Purdue University spent more than $600 million to support its research venture. It used gifts and funds from the federal government and the state as well as individual donors in support of research system-wide. Purdue University is one of the leading research facilities in the country.

The university founded the Discovery Park that has eleven centers to bring innovation through multiple disciplines. The centers in Discovery Park include entrepreneurship, advanced manufacturing, and research projects, which show a significant economic impact and points out global issues and challenges. The university’s nanotechnology research program is one of the most famous and best of its kind in the country.

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