Purdue University, located in West Lafayette, Indiana, is a public research institution. It is the pioneer campus of the Purdue University system and was established in 1869. John Purdue, a businessman, donated the land used to build the university. On September 16, 1874, the first classes were held in the university.

The Indiana General Assembly agreed to make use of the Morrill Land-Grant Colleges Act of 1862 and initiate the creation of educational institutions dedicated to the study of agriculture and engineering. The General Assembly organized Purdue University in Tippecanoe County in 1869. The first class held was attended by 39 students with six instructors. Professor John S. Hougham served as acting president and the pioneer faculty member.

In the latter half of the nineteenth century, Purdue University was structured into schools of engineering, pharmacy, and agriculture. Testing facilities were included in the institution’s engineering laboratories. Farmers all over the state were involved in the School of Agriculture through its cooperative extension services. A school of medicine, which did not last for long, and programs in home economics and education were organized. For half a century, Purdue University held the largest enrollment for undergraduate engineering in the whole nation.

During World War II, every department at Purdue University engaged in military research. Physicists of Purdue found out properties of germanium, which resulted in the creation of the first transistor. More than 17,000 staff members, students, and alumni of Purdue offered service during that time.

Following the war, academic expansion was initiated by Hovde. The establishment took ten years. Purdue University formed programs in veterinary medicine, nursing, and industrial management between the 1950s and 1960s. Humanities programs were reinforced in the university, and the first bachelor of Arts degree was granted.

Over the last few years, leaders of the institution continue to encourage modern and international programs. More opportunities to study outside the country were opened in the 1990s.

Purdue University proclaimed intentions to purchase Kaplan University and turn it into a public institution. Today, the school is called Purdue University Global, which caters to adult learners.

The university offers undergraduate and graduate programs and is well-regarded for its world-class engineering syllabus. Purdue University also played a vital role in the country’s history of aviation. It offered the first four-year degree in aviation, as well as a university airport. The institution was nicknamed the Cradle of Astronauts because some of its graduates became astronauts.

Purdue University is becoming more prominent in the field of online education through Purdue Online. The university offers over 200 programs through its accredited institutions. The online training was approved in 2018 by the university President Mitch Daniels and the Board of Trustees.

In 2017, Purdue granted over $600 million to fund research system-wide. The university became one of the most prominent research institutions in the country with its 400 research facilities. It is regarded to have very high research activity, and among all the universities in the country, Purdue University placed fourth in Engineering research expenditures.

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