Lafayette has been attracting more and more tourists, families, and immigrants for more than two centuries now. It is rich with cultural amenities and attractions, as well as natural resources that make it even more inviting to people outside the city. There is no doubt Lafayette is a must-visit city.

Prophetstown State Park

This is one of the latest attractions in the Indiana State Park system. The park includes The Farm at Prophetstown that features the history of the life of natives that resided in the region. In the summer, the Prophetstown State Park Aquatic Center is a popular destination for locals and tourists. Campsites are also available at Prophetstown all year round.

Wabash Heritage Trail

One of the best ways to see some of the city’s best spots is to traverse the Wabash Heritage Trail. It is a 13-mile trail across the Wabash River. The walk begins at the Tippecanoe Battlefield Park and ends at Fort Ouiatenon. There are a lot of interesting spots that the path encompasses, including the McAllister Park, Davis Ferry Bridge, and Happy Hollow Park.

Tippecanoe Battlefield Park

The Tippecanoe Battlefield State Park features the 1811 battle between native inhabitants and new settlers. You will be welcomed by an 85-foot obelisk that was established in 1908. The museum features displays and other exhibits about the clash that took place 200 years ago. You can find several picnic areas, trails, and additional information about the battle throughout the region.

Downtown Lafayette

Downtown Lafayette is a busy place with a wealth of things for every visitor to do. It is safe to just walk around the area and check out the family-friendly art displays on the sides of the buildings. There are also a lot of restaurants that will quench your cravings. Among the popular attractions is the McCord Candies that sells handmade candies and lunch. There is also the Artists’ Own that features a rotating gallery of local artists as well as a cooperative workspace.

Columbian Park Zoo

The Columbian Park Zoo is a popular amenity for families for over a century. Since that time, the zoo has gone through a lot of renovations, and many attractions have been added to it. You can experience their “Meet n’ Greet” where you and your children can encounter several species in the zoo. Other exciting attractions in the park include the Columbian Park Express Train and a fountain plaza. Columbian Park is just beside the zoo, so you can head to it and bring your family for a picnic.

Wolf Park

Wolf Park is a research facility that studies wolves and whatever they find out, they share to the public. The park is home not only to wolves, but to a wide variety of animals including, bison, coyotes, and fixes. If you want to see all the animals inside the park, you should arrange a guided walking tour led by one of their members. The park also hosts events, including animal birthday parties, camps, and Howl Nights. There are special volunteer opportunities given by the park.