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Tree Removal

With the abundance of trees in the area of Lafayette, there is no surprise that tree removal is our most popular service. We can also say that it is the most complicated job we perform because of the different factors involved in removing a tree. Eliminating a tree is not completely difficult to understand, but it does require experience and skill. We are proud to say that we have eliminated trees of all sizes and age in Lafayette. We begin our process with a free evaluation of the tree to be cut and a quote. When we visit your home, we will take note of the essential details regarding the tree such as its size, access points, as well as nearby structures. We will consider everything before starting to cut the tree because there could be some challenges involved in removing it and we want to plan our action so that we can efficiently and safely remove it. If you have further instructions or requests, like piling the wood or hauling them away, we will take note of them for you. On the scheduled day of the removal, one of our customer service personnel will contact you to confirm that we will be on the site to complete tree removal. We have an arrival window of not exceeding two hours to make sure all our clients are adequately serviced.

Tree Removal Process

When we start the actual tree removal process, our supervisor will assign particular tasks to each team member as a standard operating procedure. Our team is composed of a ground crew, branch cutters, clean-up, and the lead cutter. Depending on the difficulty of the job, we can either use heavy equipment or climb the tree. We will make sure all the important equipment and tools are all in the right places. It is also important to clear the access ways to and from the tree going to where our chipper is located. We will remove the tree from the top down, and cut it in manageable segments so that it will not be difficult to remove it. We will start with the canopy and lower the main branches to the ground where it will be cut to a size that is ideal for firewood or other purposes. Throughout the entire process, we will make sure that the area is clear of debris and other tree particles.

After we have cut the tree down to only the main trunk, we can start to cut it in sections that will be easier for removal. Once we are done, you will be left with a stump that is 6″-12″ approximately. You can opt for us to grind it, which is what most our clients do, or you can choose to leave it there and think of a way to make it a decoration in your yard.

Once we are done with the tree removal process, you will be surprised to see that the area is all clear, as if we were never there. We will impress you with our efficiency and professionalism in the job.

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