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Why Trim a Tree?

Tree trimming does a lot for the health and appearance of your landscape trees. Unlike trees in the forest, landscape trees can grow in all directions which make them hazardous and unattractive. Brees Tree Service Lafayette will keep your trees in good shape and improve their appearance with our professional trimming and pruning services. Trees that are regularly trimmed are less prone to storm damage than those that are untrimmed. Further, tree limbs that are touching your house, especially the roof voids your right to claim your homeowner’s insurance policy. Before anything worse happens, let us trim your trees and reduce the risk of any accidents and restore their natural beauty.

Our skill in tree trimming is undoubtedly one of the best among tree companies in the area. We have a reputation in providing routine trimming that can dramatically improve the health and look of your trees. During the time we trim your trees, we will use the opportunity to inspect its overall health. We will provide you with expert advice and take care of the well-being of your tree. You will be surprised to see the difference between a trimmed tree and one that is not. Also, tree trimming does not only change the appearance of your tree but will have a significant impact on your entire landscape.

Tree Trimming Process

We strictly adhere to the guidelines established by the Arbor Day Foundation to ensure accurate and useful tree trimming. With our highly-skilled arborists, we can assure you that your trees are well cared for and that they will be restored of their beauty. We never cut the limbs and branches too close to the trunk because we know that it can be detrimental to your tree’s health. Moreover, we never over trim your trees and keep the natural shape of the tree according to its species. Throughout the years of our service, we have seen many trees that have never been trimmed and how unsightly and dangerous they look that is why we always emphasize its importance.

The process of out tree trimming starts with one of our representatives visiting your property to evaluate the tree and the work site. We will offer you an onsite estimate, and we can discuss the best schedule that is convenient for you. You can also give us additional instructions on any tasks you would like us to do. We can use our heavy equipment or climb the tree with safety harnesses. Throughout the process, our ground crew will maintain the cleanliness of the area and take care of the debris and wood chips. We will cut away large limbs into 3-foot segments ideal for stacking or removal. Small branches will be transported to our chipper station on the street. We will not leave your property in a mess but make sure it is as clean as we found it.

Tree pruning is a subtler way of trimming. We can shape the tree and remove dead and damaged branches. We are experts when it comes to pruning, and we will make sure your trees will look healthier and more attractive once we are done with tree pruning.

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